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Sasha & Christian: Mountain House High School Junior Prom

Prom! All the stress of the make-up, hair, picking out the perfect dress, it can all be overwhelming and exciting.  All the weeks of planning melts into the background when you see him standing at the door, corsage in hand, and smiling from ear-to-ear. This was the exact look Christian gave Sasha when he saw her in her gown for the first time. His chest swelled knowing she would be on his arm for the whole night, and her eyes shinned knowing that she was going to dance the night away with her prince.  Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-1 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-2 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-3 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-4 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-5 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-6 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-7 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-8 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-9 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-10 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-11 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-12 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-13 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-14 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-15 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-17 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-18 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-19 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-20 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-21 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-22 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-23 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-24 Mountain_House_High_School_Junior_Prom-25

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