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Go Get It!

As photographers there is a LOT of competition. Like crazy amounts. There are those out there that have been in the market for years and have a thriving business and thats a beautiful balance of hard work that has paid off, but this blog is for those of us who are new. As I come upon the new year I have started to reflect on my business and what things I need to start, stop and continue doing. I approached this year with a fierce internal fire and drive to improve upon my art. I stopped looking at clients as clients but as a masterpiece that I wanted to capture for that moment in time. Every photoshoot I asked God to show me what he see’s in them and let me capture that in an image. Every single shoot I pray that prayer, I also ask him to allow my light to shine no matter how tired I am. I let this lead me, not what I allow my alter ego to tell me.

As a new photographer there is a lot of discouragement from every direction. Reading blogs I have read things that made me wonder why the heck I was doing what I was doing. My camera was remedial, why did I pose them like that? You put the soft box on the wrong side, your composition is all off….and the list goes on and on. Feedback stung like a mug, especially when I thought I was amazing!! Back to reality!! I cried a LOT and felt like a failure, cause trust me I am a sensitive creature under all this hair! My God and my girls Mary Mary reminded me of something that I want to pass along to all of you new and maybe even older photogs that might be finding yourself in a artistic rut, not feeling good enough, or just need a little extra love today here is a few words from one of my fav songs when I find myself needing to PUSH through:

“It’s like you’re looking through a telescope you see where you going to be! Growing getting better your not the person they see. Can’t be mad at the things you’ve been through cause they built your muscle, now your stronger then you’ve ever been they can’t stop your hustle.

Your faith ain’t never small, thats what brought you this far. See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got your God he going to take you there. See everybody has a season and I believe this one’s yours. Cause you’ve been working, waiting, this what you’ve been praying for.

Go Get, Go Get Your Blessing! It’s Your Time

You were made to live a good life and thats what I believe, so hit the floor say a prayer start working, you got to do something, It’s alright to crawl before you walk, its alright to walk before you run, but if you want to get what you never got, got to do something that you’ve never done!”

Check out the video below

Go Get It – Mary Mary


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  • December 2, 2015 - 1:02 PM

    Doniel - Ty- completely understand how you feel …give yourself a break. You’ve achieved a great amount of success in a short period of time and you’re in competition with no one! This is your journey and you’re off to an amazing start my friend! Keep up the great work!ReplyCancel

  • December 2, 2015 - 7:55 PM

    Sharise - Wow!! I so needed this. I still work my full time job. And sometime and especially now I’m easily distracted and a little discouraged. THANK YOU for the pushReplyCancel

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