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Meredith & Josh: Surprise Engagement at Wente Winery

Her heart started to race and her eyes started to well and she turned and looked at him down on one knee and as she heard the words coming from his lips she knew, this was it, from this moment forward her life would be forever changed, forever better, forever his. When their date started out at Wente Vineyards Meredith had no idea what Josh had in store for her. A fun day in the sun wine tasting with her beau and finishing off their evening with dinner with her parents, or so she thought. They toured the grounds of the beautiful historic winery and as she stepped into the Historic Sandstone Caves she had no idea that Josh had more then just a tour up his sleeve.

It’s hard to say what Meredith was thinking as she saw the champagne and champagne flutes, maybe she thought it was an early birthday present, or maybe she knew something was in the air that felt different, but the look of surprise when she started to hear Josh recall his reasons for loving her and seeing him drop to one knee was all too much and tears started to spill down her cheeks and the biggest smile crept across her lips that wouldn’t come off for the remainder of the night.

After a few pictures in the garden I left the couple to let their new reality sink in, family started to trickle in from all over the country to surprise Meredith and celebrate her new engagement. You see Josh knows his lady and that family and friends are a huge part of her life and the look of surprise when Meredith realized that dinner was not only with her family but Josh’s too, and a handful of their closes friends was priceless. Congrats to the happy couple and we wish you all the blessings God has in store for you!

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