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Megan & Chris: San Ramon Tassajara School House Engagement

After a chance meeting at a bar these two had no idea they lived only two blocks from each other most of their lives. Megan and Chris hit it off and they knew they had something, and sparks flew. Chris proposed in the comfort of their home and now these two are just months away from their special day.

Megan and Chris wanted to take advantage of the privacy that the San Ramon Tassajara School House had to offer. The school house is surrounded by large walnut trees and picnic tables, perfect for a quiet afternoon out. It was an overcast day with glimmers of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Chap the dog was ready for his cameo with his coordinated bowtie matching his parents. Megan and Chris were adorable as they brought love, romance and lot’s of chemistry at this beautiful fall engagement session.

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