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Jenna & Vili: Baker Beach Engagement Session in San Francisco, CA

Baker Beach is known as San Francisco’s largest nude beach. My clients, nor myself had any idea that this was the case when we decided to shoot there, and thankfully it was so cold people were bundled up in blankets with a few brave souls romping around in the water, clothed! I knew as soon as I saw the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge in the background it was going to be a magical session.

Jenna and Vili met in high school and their relationship has withstood the test of time. With most high school relationships lasting about five months, these two have made their relationship last. I met Jenna when she was one of my athletes and Vili was always on the sidelines cheering her on. I loved how they respected each other, and how he has been her biggest cheerleader, wanting to see her reach her fullest potential. Jenna now a teacher and Vili a technician, these two are ready to tie the knot and welcome a new bouncing baby into their lives. I hope you enjoy these adorable engagement pictures, Baker Beach was the perfect backdrop for this beach loving couple.

Baker_Beach_Engagement_Pictures Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-5 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-3 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-4 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-8 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-13 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-6 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-14 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-10 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-12 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-11 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-7 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-9 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-15 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-24 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-23 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-22 Baker_Beach_Engagement Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-16 Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-21 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-28 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-27 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-18 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-17 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-25 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-26 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-36 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-37 Baker_Beach_Sunset_Engagement_Pictures Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-31 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-32 Jenna_and_Villi_Baker_Beach_Engagement_Photos-33 Golden_Gate_Bridge_Engagement_Pictures

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  • April 28, 2016 - 11:47 AM

    Susan Beth Breuner - These are beautiful Ty! Amazing work, and what a beautiful couple. I love the swirls of her hair in the wind and their visible warmth and excitement for each other!ReplyCancel

    • April 28, 2016 - 11:51 AM

      admin - Thank you, they are seriously so adorableReplyCancel

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