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Erica & Kyle: Sutro Bath San Francisco Engagement Session

Idon’t even know where to begin with these two! Erica and I met through work and she saw my business take shape from the very beginning. She saw the good, bad and some pretty ugly, lol. She was there when my photography went from a general interest to a full fledged passion. I can say the same about her and Kyle. These two went from being mutual acquaintences to full on love as romance blossomed amongst friends. I had the pleasure of photographing these two love birds some time back when Erica was sporting a little bump, and now I am beyond excited to be a part of their big day.

Sometimes it takes getting a couple away from their normal environment of family, work and just life to really see what is at the core. I can honestly say these two are so in love, have a beautiful connection, and thoroughly enjoy being around each other, as the smiles and laughs were captured throughout their session. We started the session out at the beautiful San Francisco Sutro Baths, which used to house seven pools covered in a glass rooftop. These baths were intended for city residents and entrance fees were kept low to allow every day folks to come and play with their families. Today the baths are gone but there is still a shell of a few pools where Erica and Kyle were able to walk along, allowing me to capture some beautiful sun hazed images. Talk about romance! We then took our session to Baker Beach where we were able to capture the magnificent  Golden Gate Bridge, a perfect representation if a Bay Area couple. When we live here we sometimes take these gorgeous landmarks for granted, so I was thrilled when these two wanted to incorporate them into their session, creating a stunningly gorgeous session from start to finish. I am beyond thrilled to capture their gorgeous Spring 2017 wedding.

Gown: Lulu’s

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