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Christine & Andrew: Paradise Ridge Winery Engagement

Sometimes being a supportive friend gets you the prize in the end. Andrew was a supportive friend to Christine as she went through a few trials and changes in life. After meeting at the local grocer, that they both worked, they became fast friends. Rather then a date Christine needed a friend, and when the timing was right these friends took their friendship to the next level, and soon romance was blooming.

Christine knew something was up last New Years Eve when Andrew was all dressed up for their dinner reservations and she just knew the proposal was coming, but by the time desert was done and no proposal she started to think maybe she had gotten it wrong. Andrew knows Christine well and already had it planned to propose that evening at home, and when he finally did Christine was so shocked she took the ring and shook her head no to the proposal, wait what??!! Fella’s when you shock your lady you really never know what is going to come out.

Christine and Andrew were so adorable at this engagement session at the lovely Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA. It was a beautiful fall day with just enough sun to counter the cool air. The mutual respect they had for one another came through numerous times throughout our session, and I can say being friends first has paid off for these two. I loved seeing the connection and I am so excited to capture their lifetime commitment to one another this year.

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